The need for a new email client

It’s really stunning to me – a plethora of people I know use Gmail and have for years.  Most do so not for the user interface – it’s pretty God-awful, but for the user experience.  (I had high hopes for themes, but alas.)  Specifically, threaded messaging, which I simply cannot do without. With the totality […]

Being your own Phishing Philter

Fish Lure

Today it became readily apparent that despite the warnings of many many people to be careful of a Twitter phishing attack, many people fell pray to it – including many famous people/accounts, including @foxnews, @britneyspears, (completely NSFW!!), and @ricksanchezcnn.  (Thanks to Best Damn Tech Show for the quick screen-shots before the tweets were deleted.) Even […]

SXSW, In a Really Big Nutshell

(This is a recovered post from a while ago – my thoughts on SXSW 2008.) I’m flying back from my honeymoon in Italy. My new wife is sleeping next to me, I have six hours still left to fly, and I kid you not, they’re playing a rerun of Wheel Of Fortune on the movie […]