The most important interview Bill Moyers has ever done.

Bill Moyers – who has been around for ages, and has interviewed all kinds of incredible people – a man who’s life work speaks for itself – recently interviewed Wendell Potter, a former CIGNA executive, who gives some actual insight in to why the industry so badly wants to kill healthcare reform.  It’s not rocket science of course – the more premiums brought in minus less money going out for treatment equals larger profits for companies and shareholders.  But one quote really caught me – “We make a lot of money in this country off of sick people.”  It’s really a sick situation we find ourselves in.

It’s important that Mr. Potter actualizes “Sicko“, the Michael Moore movie that was so badly beaten down by the industry.  I am no personal fan of Michael Moore, but the lines we were fed about socialism and how bad Canada and the UK actually have it was all a carefully constructed ruse by the industry and lobbyists – that worked all too well.

Wendell Potter is not without blood on his hands – he was a top level executive, flying on private jets, making a massive salary for almost 15 years.  However, a misquote by JFK of Dante’s Inferno – misquote or not – and a visit to a medical clinic in middle America shook him to his core.

“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who in times of great moral crisis maintain their neutrality.”

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  • jonny goldstein

    Great post, Dave.

    Basically, we get the kind of system we reward. We reward the insurance and pharma companies with big money at the expense of the general public. Time to shift the reward structure to something that looks out for the public good.