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Cloud-init in Vagrant with Ubuntu 12.10, 13.04


Flyclops’s entire stack runs on AWS, and uses CloudFormation and AutoScale Groups to launch servers on the fly, with no intervention on our part. We don’t use custom AMIs, but vanilla Ubuntu server images (12.10 at the time of writing this) and Ubuntu’s very cool CloudInit functionality to bootstrap building servers with shell scripts. I want to […]

InnoDB tweaking on AWS RDS for write-heavy apps

Space Controls

Along with the coolest game company on Earth, I launched a little game recently. The pick-up has been great… but I quickly learned a little something about RDS. The API server is write-heavy. It’s constantly saving state, setting people as online or offline, writing data about games, etc. There are more API writes than reads. […]

Automatic JS compiling in Django via Ruby

There are a few Ruby scripts I use in development of Django sites that I’ve found invaluable. Yeah, some of them are written by friends of mine, but did I mention they’re really smart friends? Don’t be afraid of the mix! Most people love to choose one camp over the other – either Django and […]

The need for a new email client

It’s really stunning to me – a plethora of people I know use Gmail and have for years.  Most do so not for the user interface – it’s pretty God-awful, but for the user experience.  (I had high hopes for themes, but alas.)  Specifically, threaded messaging, which I simply cannot do without. With the totality […]