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EF – Live The Language

Check out Stephen Coles write-up on Fonts In Use about this awesome ad for EF International Language Centers, which does an amazing job of using type to convey emotion, feeling, culture, and language. EF – Live The Language – Paris from Albin Holmqvist on Vimeo. Also see Barcelona, London, and Beijing. As Mr. Coles points out, […]

My struggle with ADHD


I have medically diagnosed “Adult ADHD.” But I can tell you pretty definitively it’s really just plain ADHD, and I’ve had it all my life. As a quick note, medically speaking, there is no more ADD – just ADHD (I have no idea why they did away with the differentiation) – even though I’m hardly […]

The most important interview Bill Moyers has ever done. Bill Moyers – who has been around for ages, and has interviewed all kinds of incredible people – a man who’s life work speaks for itself – recently interviewed Wendell Potter, a former CIGNA executive, who gives some actual insight in to why the industry so badly wants to kill healthcare reform.  It’s not […]

SXSW, In a Really Big Nutshell

(This is a recovered post from a while ago – my thoughts on SXSW 2008.) I’m flying back from my honeymoon in Italy. My new wife is sleeping next to me, I have six hours still left to fly, and I kid you not, they’re playing a rerun of Wheel Of Fortune on the movie […]