Cloud-init in Vagrant with Ubuntu 12.10, 13.04


Flyclops’s entire stack runs on AWS, and uses CloudFormation and AutoScale Groups to launch servers on the fly, with no intervention on our part. We don’t use custom AMIs, but vanilla Ubuntu server images (12.10 at the time of writing this) and Ubuntu’s very cool CloudInit functionality to bootstrap building servers with shell scripts. I want to […]

Flyclops Domino! 2012 in Review


In May of 2012, Flyclops launched Domino!, an asynchronous multiplayer dominoes game. Here’s a fun look at the first 7 months. Hi, I’m Dave In late 2011, I joined the boys at Flyclops in order to help them complete their new game, Domino! A very polished take on the ages-old classic game dominoes, with a wonderful […]

InnoDB tweaking on AWS RDS for write-heavy apps

Space Controls

Along with the coolest game company on Earth, I launched a little game recently. The pick-up has been great… but I quickly learned a little something about RDS. The API server is write-heavy. It’s constantly saving state, setting people as online or offline, writing data about games, etc. There are more API writes than reads. […]