Dave MartoranaYou have found, by happenstance or internet meandering, my online home.  I’ve had just a few in my years, and by pure dumb luck, seat-of-your-pants “sure, I can delete this”, and just a little gumption, I’ve managed to remove most of what was my online presence.

So I’ve started almost-fresh.  Through the beauty of the Internet Archive, I’ve managed to find just a couple of posts that I’ve recreated here, but that’s about it.

I’ve always enjoyed the beauty of pure minimalism.  Although I can’t say I practice it in my every day life, I find Zen in it.  For that reason, I’ve tried a minimalist approach to this website.  Instead of distraction everywhere, just what I’m thinking or writing about at the time.  Read if you like, move on if you don’t.

I supposed that’s about as “About” as I can get for now.  Hope you’re having a good day.

– Dave